Note: Sailor Moon R is the shortened name of the 2nd season of the Sailor Moon series in Japan. This episode is actually episode 71 of the entire series. In America, however, the entire series simply goes by the name of Sailor Moon and due to the removal of many episodes, this is the 64th episode of the show and the 24th translated episode of Sailor Moon R (despite that name not being used in America). Pretty much any given combination of these episode numbers and titles are used to refer to this episode.

"Checkmate" is the US Dub title of the episode where "For Friendship! Ami and Berthier Clash" is the direct translation of the Japanese title.


Sailor Mercury faces off against Berthier (Bertie in the US dub) in a game of Chess. Each time one of Mercury's pieces is taken out by Berthier, more of Sailor Mercury is frozen in ice. The loss of the first piece results in the legs freezing. The 2nd piece results in everything below the breasts being frozen. However, the game is ruined before more of her can freeze.

Later, Berthier attempts to freeze the whole room and herself. Everything below her head is frozen before she is talked out of it.


From the Sailor Moon English Anime wiki - "Rubeus sends Bertie to take over a crystal point located in a chess building, where Amy is going, as she is good at chess. Amy encounters Bertie and transforms into Sailor Mercury to fight her, revealing her true identity. Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter arrive, forcing Bertie to retreat. Bertie decides to enter the chess tournament, as Amy is going to be entering it as well. Serena, Raye, Lita, Mina, and Catzi are in the audience cheering for Amy, who advances to the finals with Bertie. Amy wins, but Bertie freezes the camera and traps the other Sailor Scouts, before doing a "freeze play" game of chess with her, in which Amy gets frozen as she loses pieces. Tuxedo Mask breaks the spell, and Avery and Prizma tells Bertie that she has been kicked out for her failure.

Bertie uses her power in an attempt to freeze herself along with the entire room, but Catzi tells her to join her instead, and Sailor Moon uses Moon Crystal Healing Activation on her.

The episode ends with Catzi and Bertie playing chess."


Sailor Moon Collection on Medusa Project Online

Ice Chess Part 1 by freezefan86

Ice Chess Part 2 by freezefan86



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