Note: This episode is also considered the 90th Episode of the Sailor Moon anime and the 1st episode of the third season. Each season has a unique name, with the third season being Sailor Moon S.

In the North American English Dub, the episode goes by the title "Star Struck, Bad Luck"


Four of the Sailor Senshi (Sailors Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter) along with all of Tokyo have turned to stone. They appear somewhat red/purple in color due to the dark lighting. They are pupil/iris-less. A dark blast spreads throughout the city and destroys all of the statues before it's revealed to be a dream.


In the first episode of Sailor Moon S, Rei has a dream where she sees all of Tokyo and four of the Sailor Senshi as stone statues which are destroyed in a dark blast. She also sees three glowing lights which fly away and determines it's a premonition of bad things to come.

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