An army of soldiers (all but one are male) is turned to stone for turning back. We see the transformation process only of the main character's best friend, but it appears the petrification wave spreads from the feet upward. There's also some close-ups of the other statues.

In Chapter 143, a man comes aboard the ship full of statues and caresses the statue of the female soldier, saying she's probably worth a lot of money. Eventually, the ship sinks taking all statues with it into a sea of clouds.


In chapter 142, Athena's army sails past a gate telling them "From this point on, abandon all feelings of love from the past." Shortly afterwards, the crew hears the voices of loved ones they've lost or left behind. Just before Tenma turns around, his friend grabs his head and forces him to look forward. As it turns out, everybody else looked back expecting to see their loved ones and instead turned to stone.

In chapter 143, a shady guy comes aboard the ship, examining the statues. He finds the one female statue, comments how beautiful she is and how she's sure to be worth a lot of money. Eventually, Tenma and Athena have to form an uneasy alliance with the man as their ship is sinking. They board the man's ship as he taunts them by telling them their stone friends are sinking into the abyss and Tenma can't see their last moments or else he too will turn to stone.


Review Score User
"Even though there's only one girl who is petrified, I really really love this scene for its writing. Plus, the idea that just a single mistake like turning around and seeing nothing results in turning into a stone statue for (potentially) all eternity makes it a very excellent scene in my book." 4/5 StoneLad


Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Chapter 142


Note: More story related scenes can be seen in the link above

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