Chapter 5: A boat full of women is turned to stone after the women are told they are at a princess banquet. The villain sucks the life force out of them, reducing their bodies to stone. Among the victims are two main characters: a tall blonde in a dress and a short brunette in a sort of kimono. The statues are pupil/iris-less, grey, and have a sort of noisy texture.

The two main characters are freed after two of the other main characters are able to put life force back into them - but not before one of them mentions that if they fail, they could use their own life force up and turn to stone as well. The writing in the scene that follows makes it very unclear as to what the victims remember and what they didn't. They are confused where they are after being freed and don't know what happened to them. However, shortly afterwards, one of them mentions she "thought they were dead meat" implying she was aware of what was happening to them prior to the transformation at the very least.