A villain named Klein has obtained the power to turn people to stone. He uses it to exact revenge against nearly any women he meets since he is annoyed that no woman wants to be with him. He can petrify people by both sight and by sheer will and can control how much of the victim is petrified.

The transformation process generally starts in the legs and arms. The clothes either petrify and crumble in advance of the petrification wave on the body or simply shred. As a result, all but one of the statues in this scene end up completely naked. Victims are usually either have shocked expressions or scared expressions.

The first victim is petrified for having tried to attack Klein. She ends up left where she was transformed at, suspended in mid-air by cables going into a petrified node on her back. Next, we see Klein's gallery of statues.

In the gallery, he reveals a scantily clad girl who has stone legs and feet to keep her from running. When she pleads that she'll do anything to prevent him from turning her completely to stone, he kicks her body, shattering her to pieces. On a rather gruesome note, the head appears to remain unpetrified during the shatter, but since we never see it again, it is never known whether it petrified shortly afterwards or if it remained normal and the victim died.

Later, Klein pops from having too much power, and the demon who gave him his power, Medu, is released. Medu petrifies all who look into his eyes and has the will to petrify anything around him. Shadow Lady's clothes are first petrified, and she scrambles to remove the stone bits before the petrification wave spreads to her body.  Later, she is turned completely to stone in mid-air while trying to defeat Medu and shatters against the floor.  However, her demon partner's care for his shattered and thus permanently stone partner leads Medu to a change of heart, and he returns all victims to normal, removing any memory of what happened to them (except Shadow Lady's memory).


In chapter 3 of Shadow Lady, Aimi's friend Spark Girl tries to save her from a monsterous unknown villain. The monster uses his eyes to petrify Spark Girl, leaving her behind while he kidnaps Aimi and takes her to his mansion. In the mansion, Aimi finds she is in a gallery filled with terrified statues. The villain, now in human form, reveals that he petrified these women because he wanted to own them since no woman ever paid attention to him. Aimi recognizes the man as Klein. Klein explains his petrification power by revealing a kidnapped girl with petrified legs and feet. When she tries to plead for her life, he shows he doesn't care by kicking her stone body and shattering it to bits.

In chapter 4, Aimi transforms into Shadow Lady and reunites with her demon partner Demo. Klein transforms into monster form. Shadow Lady jokes about how weak Klein still is, and he answers her taunts by shattering statues, explaining that once shattered, they cannot be restored. Shadow Lady is angered by this and beats him to a pulp. Klein tries to extract more power from the demon stone and grows huge. He is on the verge of killing Shadow Lady when he pops, revealing the Archedemon Medu.

In chapter 5 (wonderfully titled "Turn to Stone"), Demo explains that Medu reveals has a stronger version of Klein's petrification power. Shadow Lady believes she can defeat Medu by using a mirror to have him turn himself to stone. Medu uses his power to immediately destroy all mirrors in the whole mansion. After Medu petrifies some of Shadow Lady's clothes, Shadow Lady comes up with an idea. She throws a couch at Medu who turns it to stone, causing it to fall and shatter the tile floor. Shadow Lady dives at Medu, piece of the floor in hand, and uses it to show Medu his reflection. She also looks into his eyes in the process. In chapter 6, Shadow Lady turns to stone in midair, believing she'll be returned to normal soon since Medu will be stone and everyone will return to normal.  After she is completely petrified, Medu shatter's his own stone arm and grows a new one, stopping his own petrification.  Shadow Lady hits the floor and shatters into hundreds of stone bits.  Demo becomes sad and angry at the loss of his partner and scolds Medu.  Medu finds the unique friendship between human and demon fascinating and decides to give them a second chance.  He returns all victims to normal and removes their memories of being petrified (leaving a lot of confused naked women).  He also pieces together and restores Shadow Lady.


Review Score User
"The best petrification manga ever! The detail in the statues, the number of statues, the beauty of them all, Klein's description of eternal beauty, this scene has everything an ASFR fan could dream of!" 5/5 StoneLad
"Practically perfect. It has great poses, a great texture, great victims and shattering. There's nothing more you could ask for in a petrification scene." 5/5 asfr11
Lots of statues, plenty of panels of them, a few gradual transformation sequences as well...this is about as good as it can possibly get folks. Ulich


Shadow Lady Volume 3 (starting at Chapter 3) On MangaTraders


Note that most of the petrification scenes in this manga have been left out due to nudity to avoid any possible ToS inappropriate posting violations. You can check out the whole scene from the link above.

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