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This series is just too good for asfr. Is nice to see everytime they become frozen is impossible to them to escape until someone comes and help them .


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Flex Woman and Spandex Girl find themselves frozen, coated in sticky hairspray and encased in carbonite like Han Solo in this comic series published Lost Cause.

Lycra Woman and Spandex Girl #1 / Lost Issues #1Edit

Lycra Woman and Spandex Girl immobilized in their "fabric-tightened" costumes by Prima Donna's gel-cap "paint balls". Second story features Madame Adhesive and her sticky glue gun.

Lycra Woman and Spandex Girl Christmas '77 Special / Lost Issues #2Edit

Lycra Woman and Spandex Girl are frozen in iceblocks by the chilling Lady Ice. They have very nice surprised expressions/positions.  The last panel features a cliffhanger paralyzation of the Aerobic Duo by the insidious Stupid Guy's raygun. 

Lycra Woman and Spandex Girl Summer Vacation SpecialEdit

Spandex Girl is frozen by freeze-flash camera by those wacky tourists, Ed and Marsha. She remains frozen through most of the story...drool! Sadly, I don't have good quality scans from this issue.

Spandex Tights Vol. 1 #1Edit

They are all wraped on this issue. In the end, they show the heroines plasticized, but its only one page with any full story.

Spandex Tights Vol. 1 #2Edit

Full wrap fun

Spandex Tights Vol. 1 #5Edit

Dr. Angela Peveecy and Tara, in disguise as Flex Woman and Spandex Girl, are paralyzed in ridiculous poses by Stupid Guy's raygun. Actual dialogue from the scene: "Stiffening! Contorting...into humiliating poses..." More crazy fun!

Spandex Tights Summer Fun, Cliff-hanging, Death Trap Bondage SpecialEdit

Flex Woman and Spandex Girl encased in "injection mold" cake frosting device (pin-up only...this is sorta like them being frozen...right?) by Oo-La-la.

Spandex Tights Vol. 2, #1Edit

Spandex Girl and Flex Woman are gooped, then frozen and encased in hardened phlegm before the ingenious Heflin is able to free them. There is a flashback to Dr. Peveecy and Tara frozen by Stupid Guy's raybeam while impersonating the Aerobic Duo (see Vol. 1 #5 entry).

Spandex Tights Vol. 2, #4Edit

Cover parody of Star Wars with Flex Woman encased in carbonite and Spandex Girl frozen in ice. The scenes happen in the interior contents, as well. A REALLY great looking cover in living color.

Spandex Tights Presents Black Spandex #1Edit

Flex Woman and Spandex Girl frozen under super strength layer of hardened hairspray by Prima Donna for the "hold that lasts--forever". Mmmmm... hairspray...

Spandex Tights Presents Black Spandex #2Edit

Spandex Girl Plasticized again, she even remember that little page with the collectress on Vol.#01

Spandex Tights Vol. 2, #6Edit

In a flashback to the events preceding Black Spandex #1, we get to see the events which led up to, and beyond, the Aerobic Duo being fully encased in hardened layers of hairspray (again!) from the devious Prima Donna.


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