Description Edit

THE NEUTRAL ZONE is a first season episode of the long running series starring Patrick Stewart and Johnatan Frakes which ran from 1987 to 1994

Context Edit

Captain Picard is at a meeting and the Enterprise comes across an ancient satellite nearby.Curious Data and Worf board it and find three humans frozen they transport them back to the Enterprise where they find they were frozen when they died and stored so they can be cured which they are. One of the three is Claire Raymonda housewife frozen by her husband. The Enterprise meanwhile heads toward the Neutral Zone as the Romulans are active once more and the crew has to deal with the unwanted guests one wants to start up his singing career one wants his fortune and Claire weeps over family long gone Troi helps them cope. Finally they arrive at the zone and confront the romulans who deny that earth outposts were destroyed by them adding they too lost outposts later determined to be caused by the Borg. After a short parlay the Enterprise and Romulans part and the trio of 20th century humans tranfers to another ship back to Earth to start their lives a new.



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