A girl runs through a foggy desolate wasteland where she runs into several of her friends who have been turned to stone. The statues vary a bit in style but all are a fairly light grey and all have pupils/irises. Their expressions range from stunned to angry to determined to terrified.

The villain of the series appears, laughs, then has a small blue bolt appear in her eyes. This causes the girl to also begin to turn to stone. The wave starts at her feet and spreads upwards. She moans desperately as her hands and neck turn to stone. We never see the process of her head turning to stone, but we do see the finished statue fall over before it's revealed to be just a dream.


Near the beginning of Episode 19 of Tenchi Muyo! Tenchi in Tokyo, Ayeka has a dream where she is running in fear through a wasteland. She comes across the statues of her friends Ryoko, Sasami, Mihoshi, and Washu. The villain Yugi appears, laughs, and then turns the helpless Ayeka to stone as well. It's revealed to just be Ayeka's dream shortly after her statue hits the floor.


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"I find myself enjoying this scene much more than I should. The statue effect ranges from decent to lousy, and Ayeka's pose changes after the transformation is complete. However, the look on her face, the villain's non-caring laugh, and the overall scenario of overwhelming defeat elevates this mediocre scene to greatness for me. Your mileage, however, may vary." 4/5 StoneLad


Episode 19 Subbed on Funimation (skip to 2:50 for the start of the scene)