Brenda and Joan come across "One of a Kind", a small clothing store that's advertising for models. Brenda decides to apply because the window mannequins look gorgeous ("Wouldn't you like to look like that?") while Joan goes off to a job interview. The store's elderly owners, Mr and Mrs Benjamin, seem dubious about Brenda's chances at first, but concede that she might just be suitable for Conrad's, the famous downtown department store. Mr Benjamin photographs Brenda with a curious antique camera, and she finds herself becoming stiff...

After her unsuccessful interview Joan returns to the store. Mr Benjamin tells her that Brenda is on her way to model at Conrad's, and Joan tells him she wants to apply as well ("If she can, I can"). What she doesn't realise is that Brenda's modeling job will be as a mannequin, and she could soon be joining her.


Terrorvision (no connection to the band or movie of the same name) was a short-lived, low-budget videotaped horror anthology series consisting of 15-minute stories. It played on Lifetime in about 1988. In Britain some ITV stations (back in the days before most of them merged into a single company) screened episodes in late-night filler slots a few months later.


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It's nice to know the idea of a mannequin TF was used on TV, but it's a pity the show couldn't have been given a decent budget. The script and performances are OK, but the lack of money means the visual effects are decidedly ropey. Brenda's transformation is achieved with a few green flashes, a videotaped slow-motion and freeze frame effect, and some paintbox fx to make her skin look like plastic. It's unfortunate that there's no "money shot" of Brenda actually on display in the department store, but presumably they couldn't afford to build a department store set, or pay for permission to film in a real one. Script 3/5, acting 4/5, visual effects 1/5. Leem10538a


This episode has been posted on YouTube as part of a compilation, so it's split across two instalments: (first part - begins at 3:37) (second part - ends at 4:24)