The Legend of Zelda:  The Minish Cap is a 2004 Nintendo and Capcom Game Boy Advance game in which players take control of Link who sets out on a quest to reforge the legendary Picori Blade, defeat the evil sorcerer Vaati, and to restore the petrified Princess Zelda.

Early in the game when Vaati attacks Hyrule Castle, he turns Zelda to stone after she tries to stop him.  She remains petrified until near the very end of the game.  Before the final dungeon, Vaati transforms Hyrule Castle into a dark version of itself and petrifies everyone in the castle.  Link uses the reforged blade to restore statues, and remaining statues are turned back to normal during a cutscene at the end of the game.


Review Score User
"It's a GBA game and there's only sprites. It does get points for using recolored sprites instead of greyscale and some of the dialogue is interesting, but it's nothing special."  1/5 StoneLad

Other AdaptationsEdit

The Legend of Zelda:  The Minish Cap MangaEdit

There is a manga adaptation of the Minish Cap which features several much better views of the statues. It can be seen on the manga adaptation's wiki page.  The manga lacks a scene of everyone in the castle transforming from stone back to humans.  Also, in the video game, Zelda remarks that she had visions of Link as if in a dream while she was a statue.  She makes it clear that she was aware that she had been turned to stone.  In the manga, she is confused upon becoming human again and remarks that she had dreams of Link and believes she was just sleeping.