After their successful quest to acquire Excalibur, and defeating Prospero; Flynn and Eve are trapped into the past. They use a very unusual way to got back into their time. Flynn and Eve joke that the Library is probably putting a statue of them up and that gives them an idea to return to their time. Flynn and Eve have Shakespeare use his magic pen to write a story similar to the Winter's Tale, the magic of the pen written story turns them into stone. Before the story written and the spell cast, Flynn and Eve prepare clues/hints that are later found by the past Flynn. Shakepeare puts the Flynn Eve statue in a box and sends the statue to the Library. Back in the present at the Library, Jacob, Cassandra, Jenkins and Ezekiel break the bronze seal that was on a door. They go inside to reveal a covered statue. They unveil the statue to find that the statue is Flynn and Eve. Cassandra speaks only to find tha the statue begins to transform back. It is revealed that Shakespeare wrote the above mentioned story he wrote that the spell could only be broken by Cassandra's voice.