Mad scientist Luther Benedict's new growth ray is a failure - it only turns living tissue to stone! But wait, there's still a way to make money out of it - all he has to do is lure some unsuspecting model without friends or family to his laboratory and then use his ray on her so he can sell her as the world's most lifelike statue.

Surprisingly enough, a model actually takes the bait - but once he's petrified her Luther realizes he's in love with her! It seems his only chance is to give her a second dose of the ray in the hope that it will turn her back. Fortunately for her, it does. Unfortunately for him, he also gets zapped at the same time, so he's the one who's destined to be a lifelike statue.


Notable for its Jack Kirby artwork, this 6-page story was first published in Tales to Astonish #34 (Atlas Comics, 1962). It was a fairly typical post-censorship horror anthology comic - nothing too gory or explicit, and plenty of plots that don't stand up to a microsecond's rational scrutiny.


Review Score User
Drawn in Jack Kirby's usual chunky style, this is an endearingly silly piece of comic book nonsense with a wonderfully daft plot. The girl's TF scene is drawn in silhouette, so that neither the readers nor Luther will see her face until the reveal, but she does make quite a nice statue, even if her stone body is colored purple for some reason. 4/5. Leem10538a


The story can be read at The Pygmalion Syndrome in both black and white and color versions. Except for one page, the black and white version is taken from online scans of the original artwork.

(Site overall contains NSFW material)


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