Over the years there have been quite a few inanimate TFs in this webcomic, and it's worth noting that the victims tend to remain conscious. Canadian transfer student Scott Winters has been turned into a mannequin, then later a fountain statue, and finally an elf statue, all of them female, all briefly during larger incidents. A less fortunate petrification victim is Rosetta, kitchen maid to the crazed Lord Sykos who turned her to stone for overcooking his eggs. He eventually turned her from a statue to a fountain, which at least gave her a new pose, and was finally persuaded to free her and teleport her home. Pity there happened to be a basilisk nearby when she arrived; not seen since, she presumably remains stone.  Several members of militant feminist group DOLLY were in battle briefly turned to stone, and as stone smashed and reassembled, and after the battle, their escaped leader was permanently made a doll by the antiheroic witch Miranda.  One canon interlude suggests that the dress of the evil witch Mrs. Peterson (which never varies) may be her husband unwillingly transformed.

Other characters have been petrified from time to time, especially in fillers, and Anne herself was once turned into a tree, although she could still talk.


Long-running TF comic by 'Anne Onymous' and Robin Ericson, which confusingly also happen to be the names of two of the lead characters. Since 2011 the comic has been drawn by Ian Samson of City of Reality and Idle Minds. The character Anne is a high school student who has inherited the powers and title of The Wotch, an ancient and powerful line of magic-users. This tends to attract all sorts of magical weirdness to her small hometown of Tandy Gardens, not to mention the attention of a dark lord from another dimension.

The story has featured numerous types of transformation. Probably the most common is male-to-female transgender, but inanimate TFs do crop up regularly, and the real Anne keeps in touch with the ASFR community. 


The Wotch

The Wotch on TVTropes


Note that most of these images are cropped to show the ASFR content, and all are converted to png from the original jpegs

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