In this scene the heroine Tsukasa is investigating what seems to be a white slavery ring. Instead, she discovers several large display cases containing men and women who are posed like famous statues and paintings. The cabinets contain machines that are keeping their occupants alive and frozen. Tsukasa wants to free the victims, but is afraid that if she tampers with the controls she might end up killing them. At that point the bad guys show up and Tsukasa tries to fight, but they grab her long wig and restrain her. The villains strip her naked and throw her into one of the cabinets, which poses her helplessly as Botticelli's "Birth of Venus". Trapped in her cabinet Tsukasa becomes one of the exhibits on sale at an auction. The buyers know perfectly well that the exhibits are alive, and don't have a problem with it. Tsukasa is afraid that she will be frozen as a work of art for the rest of her life, but soon afterward the police arrive to arrest the villains and she is freed.


The "living art" scene occupies a small part of a very long manga series. An unofficial scanlation is available on line.

Description of the manga from TVTropes:

"The year is 2020 A.D., and the once-peaceful city of Tokyo is now a crime-infested wasteland. Kozuki Tsukasa - who was raised as a boy by her police parents to avoid being the victim of the shockingly common crime of sexual assault – has been thrown out on the streets with her three brothers in the aftermath of her parents’ death in an internal dispute of a Yakuza clan. In order to feed her family, she decides to scam a rich classmate whose father was also killed in the dispute by promising information on the murderer in exchange for a high-class meal. The classmate, however, turns out to be none other than Shirogami Ryuji, heir to Kuryugumi, the largest crime syndicate in the Kanto region – and he doesn’t take kindly to being fooled. Upon discovering Tsukasa’s lies, he saddles her family with an enormous debt in order to pay for the food they ate, forcing Tsukasa to work as a body guard in order to pay it off."


Excerpt from the relevant chapters, omitting everything except the ASFR-related content. (Warning: nudity, although it's no more explicit than the original artworks. The rest of the site includes lots more NSFW material, some of it very explicit.)

Transcript of Chapter 14 (different translation from manga scanlation)

Tokyo Crazy Paradise English version on Mangafox (warning: may contain additional nudity and NSFW content)


Note: story reads from right to left. Images censored for mild artistic nudity.

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