Treasure Hunter Mink is an action arcade ryona eroge developed by Studio-S, where the player controls the titular heroine, Mink Loft, a treasure hunter in the quest to find lost treasure guarded by various foes and boss enemies.

While the game itself is disguised as an action game, the player is 'rewarded' with erotic scenes in the continue screen when they ran out of lives to revive Mink during the game. 


In stage 30-39, the area which Mink explores is a world made of ice. Running out of lives here will cause the players to witness a captured Mink being painfully frozen slowly. Should the continue timer reaches zero, Mink will have completely turned into a transparent ice sculpture, effectively meeting her demise should the player fail (or deliberately not) to insert virtual coins in order to continue the game.


Review Score User

"For a fairly decent freezing scene, the voice-over that can be heard during the continue prompt can be a bit unsettling even though it is done for the dramatic effect. Too bad the game only allows windowed mode, and no larger resolution is available.

If you can ignore (or enjoy) the graphic content this game has to offer for you (ryona, snuff, watersports), then this might just suit you. 

4/5 Mkam91

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