It's been brought to my attention that people aren't fully happy that this wiki hosts scenes with both male and female victims.  Let me say that it is my opinion that this is the ASFR Wiki, not the female ASFR wiki or the male ASFR wiki, and so as a database of ASFR scenes, this should be host to scenes that appeal to many different kinds of people.

With that being said, I have actually coded a change to the wiki's gallery pages that should help alleviate the situation a bit.  My original goal was to add pages to a Male category and a Female category, and then add sections to pre-existing category pages (such as Statues) that showed a list of female scenes, a list of male scenes, a list of both, and a list of neither/uncategorized/does not apply.  However, Wikia is apparently incapable of returning a list of articles that have two categories without contacting Wikia admins and requesting the feature which could prove problematic given the subject matter here.

However, I have devised a possible solution:  articles on gallery pages are now color coded to show if they are male, female, male and female, or not categorized.

New Gallery Mode


New category format.


There are two modes of viewing galleries offered by Wikia:  New and old.  You can switch between the two at the top of the category page.

New gallery mode is the mode seen when when there's a list of pages with thumbnails and you can search through pages of articles to find the one you want.  In this mode, the colors are as follows:  pink for articles that are only in the female category (see left and right), blue for pages that are only in the male category (see left), purple for pages that are in both male and female categories (see right), and green for pages in neither category (see left and right).  In this gallery mode, the color coding is slightly glitchy:  after changing pages, the color coding will temporarily disappear and will reappear when you mouse over the list of pages.

Old Gallery Mode

In old gallery mode, you'll see only a few thumbnails for articles and then a text list of all articles in that category.  Thumbnails share a similar color coding to new gallery mode, but with gray replacing purple for articles with both male and female (it reads slightly better with the text color).  Also, in the next list, you'll see a (F) or (M) or both before the article title showing male or female scene

Now, I realize this isn't perfect:  it's slightly buggy, may make browsing slightly slower, and it doesn't cover all bases, but hey, it's better than nothing!  If you don't see this working, use ctrl+f5 to refresh the page.  If there's any errors you run into, please let me know:  if this is too buggy for too many people, I'll remove it.

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