I've been busy making updates to older articles, but I'm going to need some help.  I've been going through articles and categorizing them as stubs.  You can easily tell if a page is a stub if you scroll to the bottom and see this image:


So, let's try to get as much info on these stubs as possible. You can check out which articles are marked as stubs at category:Article_stubs. You can follow the directions on that page to mark articles as stubs. To remove the stub marker on an article, you can either search for the little puzzle piece in the article that signifies the stub (mouse over it) in visual mode, or you can simply delete the code in source mode that makes it a stub.

There's also articles with low resolution photos which I've marked with this image:


You can check these articles out at Category:Articles_with_Low_Resolution_Photos. The directions are pretty much the same for tagging articles with this as they are with stubs. Either way, good luck, and thanks for your help!

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