A monster sucks a group of girls into its own dimension and turns them to stone slowly while enjoying their fear. Statues are shown either with pupils or without. They are very cracked and are very angular compared to their human counterparts. The statues are mostly seen in a state of extreme fear except for one.


In the first story arc of Ushio and Tora (which lasts from chapters 1 to 3), many girls who are in an old school house are sucked into a different world by the "Stone Eater". As the name implies, the Stone Eater turns its victims to stone slowly while enjoying their fear and then eats the petrified victims.

Ushio is looking for the girls when he finds one of the victims still in the normal world but turning to stone. He asks his monster companion (who he's not exactly on the best of terms with) Tora to explain the Stone Eater.

All of the girls are turned to stone in various states of fear except for Asako, who gets the courage to be petrified in a state of anger. Ushio manages to break through the barrier into the Stone Eater's world but is overpowered. As the Stone Eater tries to turn him to stone, he asks Tora to abandon him and save all of the statues. Tora takes the statues and then in an unusual act of kindness, fights the Stone Eater and helps save Ushio. Ushio manages to get his special spear, turns superpowered, and defeats the Stone Eater. He uses the spear to turn everyone back to normal, although all of the girls' clothes shatter, leaving them all to scream while nude.

Other AdaptationsEdit

Ushio and Tora (Anime)Edit

The 2nd episode of the anime is a faithful adaptation of chapter 1-3 of the manga. There's still a few changes though. For example, the first victim Ushio discovers is never seen turning fully to stone in the manga where the anime shows her totally become a statue.


Chapter 1 at MangaFox (Warning - Blood and some light nudity)


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