A villain turns beautiful women into living mannequins for his art gallery. It's never shown exactly how he does it, but what is shown is that he buys clothes for them so he may make them "even more beautiful." The first victim is shown pre-transformation, being convinced by the villain to allow him to make her beautiful. She is then shown being redressed by the villain in a dark room.

When Vampire Princess Miyu follows the villain to his gallery, we see that he has turned many women into these mannequinesque statues. Miyu can hear their whimpering indicating they are alive and aware of their surroundings. During an ensuing fight, the first victim is seen again having her head chopped off. In the end, the villain is defeated but the victims are doomed to remain exactly as they are forever.

At the very end of the episode, it's shown that the girl who had her head chopped off is still whimpering showing she is still alive despite being broken.

Note:  The episode never makes it clear exactly if the victims are merely immobilized or if they are transformed into wax figures.  While it's clear they're alive and can whimper, it's also clear that the beheaded statue has no blood and is still living despite her condition.  You can sort of make out on the 2nd to last shot of the episode that the broken part of her neck is solid tan thanks to a tiny detail near the cracked portion.  Due to this, the episode is placed in the mannequin category unless further information can be found to the contrary.


In episode 2 of Vampire Princess Miyu, Miyu learns that there have been stories of beautiful women disappearing while taking the last car on the subway. We learn from the introduction that a man claiming to be an artist is responsible as he convinces young beautiful women that they can become more beautiful if they follow him after he gets off "At the next station."

Miyu finds the villain responsible and purposely rides the last car alone so she can confront him. He leads her to an abandoned shopping center between subway stations where he stores his victims. Miyu hears their suffering but the villain cannot. The villain believes he has captured Miyu and explains how he'll make her part of his gallery, but it is an illusion. A fight ensues, during which one of the victims is beheaded, and the villain ends up being defeated.

After the fight, Miyu explains that she cannot help those who have been turned into living statues because it's their fault for wishing to be more beautiful. At the very end of the episode, we see the abandoned gallery and learn that the beheaded victim is still alive as she continues to whimper.


Review Score User
"Lots of beautiful victims and great dialogue. For not being a total transformation, it's a great scene! That is, until it ends up making you feel horrible by showing the beheaded statue is still alive. Definitely puts a damper on the whole thing."  3/5 StoneLad


Living statue scenes from Episode 2


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