Three part story of the marvel comics series about humans with mutant powers fight evil and bigotry among humans- the comic was created by STAN LEE in 1963 as a response to those being discrimated for being different and over they years it has spawned spinoffs cartoon shows and several successful feature films..

Issues 145 - 146-and 147 has the heroes storming victor von dooms castle to rescue storm who has been transformed into organic chrome the heroes not only have to escape his and arcades traps but storm herself her subconscious has triggered storms which threaten to tear the planet apart due to her being clausterphobic.

Finally the reach the chamber and after wolverine threatens to slice and dice dooms face he tells them how to free her and she is angry and half crazed only through the efforts of her friends  they managed to snap her back to normal and an uneasy truce is arrainged between doom and the heroes.


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