Kitty Pride, the Shadow Cat, is always falling into ASFR traps, so, I decide to create a entire page to show her beauty hardned through the ages...

Excalibur #86Edit

As the M'krann Crystal effects hit Earth (just before the "Age of Apocalypse" X-event), Kitty, Meggan and the rest of the team are hit by the effect and turn to crystal just as their plane is about to crash.

Marvel Comics Presents #31Edit

(Early November, 1989) In the Excalibur story, the team is attacked by the Loonies, very loose adaptation of the WB cartoon characters. Kitty Pryde is fighting the Yosemite Sam rip-off who shoots her with a cement gun. She ends up completely coated as a statue.

Marvel Fanfare #33Edit

Part of the aborted Questprobe comics/computer games event features most of the X-Men team is petrified, including Kitty and Storm in swimsuits. Nice wrap around cover of them as statues too.

Uncanny X-Men #160/ X-Men #64Edit

Kitty Pryde is frozen in a crystal by Belasco. To make sure she will stay there forever, he removed all the bones of her body, so, she will need to stay frozen to survive.

Wolverine #125Edit

Kitty Pryde is coated, by the nefarious Viper, with a resin that hardens and prevents her from phasing or moving!  She stays statue-like till Jubilee uses her fireworks to blast the hardened coating off of her.

Legendary Star-Lord #10Edit

Kitty is frozen in a unbreakable amber.

Extra: X-Men Evolution (cartoon)Edit

Briefly Frozen by Iceman.

X - Men Evolution - The Stuff of Heroes (Season 3)

X - Men Evolution - The Stuff of Heroes (Season 3)

Complete episode