A villain has turned four knights (2 men and 2 women) to stone. The transformation is not shown on screen. The statues are gray and lack pupils/irises. Unlike typical video game petrification scenes involving sprites, the statues are more than just a palette swap: it is clear they were significantly reworked to give a stone-like appearance.


In the Blighted Blood stage of the game Ys Origin, the player discovers that four knights have been turned to stone by the main villain of the game.


Review Score User
"I'd say this is by far the best spritework I've seen in a petrification scene. The dialogue that shows when you talk to the statues further enhances the scene. However, at the end of the day, it's still just sprites, thus preventing it from being truly special." 3/5 StoneLad


Let's Play Ys Origin: Petrified Knights (Video starts at the statue discovery cutscene)


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