Yugi's friends are turned to stone one by one, including 2 girls. The transformation begins when one is struck by lightning. Then, there is a wave of petrification starting at the feet and finishing at the hands and eyes. Victims can move any non-affected body part until they turn to stone. The statues have a sort of scared/surprised look on their faces. Tea has one outstretched arm while Serenity just sort of stands with mouth agate. The statues are a dark grey with a light texture on them. There are some extra lines that appear on the face for added effect. When freed, the victims sort of stumble a bit forward.


In episode 118 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, the main character Yugi continues a duel with Noah Kaiba. After Noah gets angered that he's losing despite the odds stacked in his favor, he decides to turn Yugi's friends to stone one by one for each turn that Yugi does not defeat him. Tristan is first, followed by Serenity, followed by Joey, followed by Tea.

At the beginning of episode 119, Yugi wins and the friends are all returned to normal.


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"A good scene all around. The variety of statues is nice and the transformation process looks great. There's nothing too outstanding about it, though." 3/5 StoneLad


Video of the Petrification scenes by freezelover